Gear up, Take Charge!

In today’s world, we all strive for things that are elementary and basic in nature. We struggle for peace and happiness. We lack empathy and sympathy for others. Finding pleasure in doing small things is tough for us. We lack concentration and focus. All in all, in spite of belonging to the most technologically advanced era, we are internally indeed the most unpleasant and disturbed group of humans on this earth which is mostly because of our inability to be our best “selves” throughout the day from the moment we wake up.
Let us look at the most basic ways in which we can stop living life stressfully and can take over every single day as conscious, happy living beings

Breathe it in and out, consciously.
Or in other words, “Meditate”. Meditation does not mean dedicating an hour every morning, although nothing could benefit you more. It simply aims at improving the way you think, take decisions and act according to your consciousness. This could be done for half an hour or ten minutes. The importance lies in the way you implement it irrespective of the amount of time you dedicate. While mediating, your mind is sure to diverge into millions of thoughts. Do not try to stop that because that would be useless. Instead try to focus on any single positive aspect of your life which gives you happiness and makes you calm. Slowly all others thoughts would vanish and as a result you will be able to concentrate better throughout the day. Be lively through every breath you take in and leave out.

Sleep better if not more.
Your eight hours of sleep is perhaps the most important element that keeps you going good every single day. Without it, life would become hard and you would become miserable. In today fast paced world, getting eight hours of sleep might seem like a challenge at times but that number when deceases below 6 does start creating problems. Moreover, if those hours are filled with horrific and unrealistic dreams, you surely need to calm down and let your subconscious mind work less for a few hours at least. For the time being you sleep, your body is at complete rest and that is what prepares you for a better day at work or school or your respective places of interest. Without that, nothing will fall into place.

Sweat it out
Exercise for at least thirty minutes a day in order to get that sweat out of your body. It also helps decrease your cortisol level which is the primary stress hormone and helps in increase of testosterone. (Check out how exercising effects the release of other hormones in the body :- ) Exercising helps to keep you fit and hence also prepares you for the day-long challenges you are to face. It not only works your body but you also challenge your mind to a great extent when you do so. Keep workout out dedicatedly and trust me, you won’t be able to stay a single day without going through the routine after a few months.

Healthy in-takes matter
When it comes to in-take of food for your body, always aim for healthy stuff. But the same thing applies for your mind. Your eyes are the window to your mind and whatever things you feed it, the same would be the impact. Hence always keep those in-takes healthy both for your body and mind in order to keep yourself in good health and to keep your mind strong, sharp and focused. Have faith, keep looking up to the successful ones, and keep motivating yourself towards your goals. Remember to not focus much on the unhealthy matters because too much of negativity leads to nothing in reality. Keep a balance between being an optimist and a realist.

Forget yourself
Sometimes, the best thing to do it to let go off all your stress and focus on the bigger picture. It is necessary at times to stop looking at the mirror that only reflects your image and instead to look out and provide support to the millions of people who are in need of help. You belong to this world, to the society and as a human being there is no bigger responsibility other than helping out your fellow beings. Hence, take a pause, let go off yourself, and dig deep into the service of the ones in utter need of humanity. Only then can you become yourself and can truly be termed as a ‘human being’.

I am sure we all are quite aware of the aforementioned points and maybe many of us do indeed live life with these incorporations significantly. But for the ones who don’t, try not to develop them as a habit, but to create a lifestyle with these basic and elementary doings for your betterment. Try to be your best self’ and try to keep living every day of your life peacefully and happily.

Stop being “Good”. Start being “Unstoppable”!

In life, everyone strives to achieve greatness. Everyone aims to be successful and in their own ways they keep on struggling for fulfillment of their desires and aims. There is no one step process that guarantees success. Neither is there any single mantra to achieve greatness. So how do the greats ultimately make it to the top? How did for instance Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi manage to breakthrough almost all records made in the history of football (soccer)? How did the Stanford goers Larry Page and Sergey Brin manage to create absolute history by finding the ultimate search engine for the world? The answer is simple. Whatever they did, they did it with such passion, dedication and hard-work which led them to become nothing short of ‘”unstoppable”. As Tim Grover, author of “Relentless” and founder of “Attack Athletics”, the agency that trained sports icons like Dwayne Wade and Michael Jordan says, “The drive to close the gap between near-perfect and perfect is the difference between great and unstoppable”, let us look at some necessary steps to take in order to become unstoppable in whatever we do in life.

Have your mind free from deviations and distractions when doing anything and I mean anything with a capital A! Every small thing you do in life contributes to ultimate success and if you put focus upon every single detail behind those tasks, nothing can stop you from becoming unstoppable. Sometimes it may take time to develop inevitable levels of focus and once you are able to reach that level with patience and perseverance, you are in for an absolute ride of fun, joy and magnificence!

Have you ever wondered why your favorite team losing a match is many a times more of an issue of concern than your declining grades? (And the opposite for your parents) This is simply because you are dedicated with all your heart towards that club or team you support although in reality you are not affected practically in any ways. “Be dedicated” is perhaps the two words you have heard a million times in your life and in-fact by being dedicated truly and wholeheartedly, you surpass that line between someone who is ordinary and someone who is unstoppable.

“Work your butt off!”, as asserted by the seven times Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger is a fact which you need to incorporate in life to be achieve greatness and make a name for yourself in the world. Nothing can replace hard-work. Shortcuts only lead to short term and impermanent success but if you do your job without leaving no stones unturned, you my friend are sure to reach the top!

We often are faced with challenges and difficult situations in life and some of the most common ones? Not finding your car keys when you have a meeting to attend to in 20 minutes or Not having a pen in your pocket when you desperately need to note down an important detail or Not having enough charge on your portable devices in order to get access to certain content instantly. All these issues may sound simple but indeed are what cause turnarounds in the lives of certain people. So, my simple two-word advice to you all? “Be organized”. Start with proper arrangement of stuff on your study table and develop this into a habit so that from the next time you need to wear your silver watch that you kept secondary to the golden one that suddenly stopped working, you can find it hassle-free. This would also in turn build your confidence and later in life, this habit is what will set you apart from others still trying to figure out life.

The one and only thing that keeps people going during times of utter distress is one’s power of will. This applies for all fields and range of work and is an absolute necessity to reach great heights of success in life. Once you are on the field and are totally into the work you do, failures are bound to hit you as you keep on taking risks with various experiments and new ideas but if that stops you from going further, that’s the end. You are done and dusted and life seems to be curse. So, keep your head-strong and never let anything or anyone stop you from becoming the person you want to be.

As we heard Will saying in The Pursuit of Happiness, “You got a dream, you gotta protect it” and “Walk the walk and go forward all the time”, you have to be nothing less of a predator on the hunt. The qualities listed above will certainly help you becoming that and you are guaranteed to become what I call as the defining characteristic behind every icon to have lived in this planet and that is “UNSTOPPABLE“!

To Expect or Not To?

‘Expectations’. A word we all are familiar with. A word some of us consider as a boon while some cannot withstand its mere existence. In today’s world, we are often told not to expect things and to just move on ‘with the flow’. We are often asked to keep believing and trusting ourselves, leaving the rest upon fate to carry on. Is that how we should live our lives? Is that how we should achieve our dreams and aspirations? Is that the only way out to seek true success?

As I have always been mentioning, ‘Life’ does not decide our outcomes. It only provides us with situations and challenges, often created by us. Often these challenges are hard. Often these situations are difficult. And how can one succeed without having any expectation? Our expectations are what keep us going, when a heavy bag filled with destress and tension hangs from shoulder and rests upon our back. Expectations are what keeps up the optimism alive within us. How does one move forth towards a goal, when he/she in realty has no expectations at all? There is indeed no guarantee that a person would achieve happiness if nothing is expected by him. Why not then, expect something? Why not then, expect small things as we keep building the blocks that would lead to the ultimate achievement? The joy of glory would multiply to a thousand times when we are successful in fulfilling our expectations. The magnitude of the expectation could range, irrespective of which, the contents would always be great on fulfilment of the expectation.

A question that might be raised now, is, what if the expectations are not met by us? In the first place, the things we expect must be in relative to reality. If still, the issue of not fulfilling the expectation persists, then there is, a fault from your side. The recognition and understanding of this fault would help a person to develop his/her strengths and to overcome his weaknesses. On the other side, when a person does achieve glory without any expectation, how can the true potential of the respective person be determined by him/her? While three may lie a mere sense of agony in not being able to fulfil an expectation, there also lies the scope for betterment and achievement of glory in bigger terms than before. Whatever may happen, the spirit must not die from within. Failing to meet an expectation must be countered with lessons learnt, out of that failure.

All throughout, there is only one kind of expectation that I have been taking about, which is the expectation one has from himself/herself. That, indeed must be the only kind of expectation that rests within oneself. Expecting from others and trying to meet the expectation of others are not the things we need to be concerned about. If there is a goal and a will to achieve that goal, then having an expectation to achieve that very goal or dream, is what would indeed help in ensuring success!



There are times, when everything around us seems to be blooming with joy and every single moment seems to be a happy one. Everything then seems simple, easy and fun. We feel like boasting about our abilities in dealing with life, and somewhere deep within we desire for the circumstances to remain the same for ever. The strength and confidence among us remains at the peak and it feels like pessimism is long gone for a holiday, somewhere far away. But, there are questions to be asked. There are analysations to be made. There are answers to be provided. All regarding a single issue: – Do the ‘happy times’ really define your character? The close ended answer to this particular question would always be ‘no’. But for an open-ended answer, we would need to shift our focus to the following paragraph and cling on till the very end.

First of all, what does the term ‘strength of a character’ refer to? Why is one’s character so important and in what way can it be developed? Let me begin by saying that our talent can take us to many places. A person who is good at hacking, can either be a professional and illegal hacker or can work for the betterment of the society by not hacking personal stuff of people illegally and instead helping the government to get hold of the criminals and fraudsters. The factor that differentiates the final call or action to be taken? Yes, ‘character’ it is. A strong character is equally necessary along with talent in order to lead a successful and wise, ethical life. Without a proper character, people would only drown into darkness instead of living a prosperous life with their heads high.

Now, how can one really develop a strong and sensible character? One can, if he/she just decides to do so. One can, if the there is a strong desire to do so. One can, if one is self-disciplined and truly thrives for glory and success. There is no mantra for its development nor there is any shortcut. All that is there is the will to do so. But still, for the one’s hungry for any kind of tip, I would say, first of all develop a personality that stands for itself and can never be doubted against. Then take that achievement to the next level, and start making gains in terms of development of a great and strong character.

Let’s say, you are able to develop that desired character and you are being able to take care of things on your own way, confidently. But how would it add to the betterment of your journey in life? How would it create an impact that would reflect its true significance in life?. How would it prove to be beneficial for you? Well, in many ways, I would say.

First of all, you would never lead towards the distractions deposited upon your life. You would be clearly able to differentiate between the wrong and correct things in life. Making hard choices would seem to be easy. And most importantly, the level of self-respect you would gather would be infinite and unimaginable.

So, is it worth having a strong character in life? Is it worth spending time towards its development? Does becoming successful have any relation with how we achieve things in life? If the answer to this questions do not occur to you at an instant, then you are in utmost need of looking after yourself. And If the answer does occur to you instantly, then keep up the good work of thriving towards days filled with glory, fame and respect!

And now, finally coming back to the point from where I started, I would like to end this piece of writing with a famous quotation that says, “A True Test Of Character Isn’t How You Are On Your Best Days But How You Act On Your Worst Days”. (The reason why I mentioned about ‘clinging on till the very end’)

Hope this cleared all the doubts and answered all the questions you have been seeking throughout the writing, and I truly hope this does in a way, help in the betterment, and improvement in the way life is being led by each and every one of us.

Cheers! 🙂

‘Face Your Fears!’ – A Lesson Learnt.


Till today, I have always tried to act or pretend to be calm and composed. Till today, I have been believing in the whole ‘fake it till you make it’ concept. Till today, I have been cheating on my own feelings. And till today, all I have been doing is trying to create of persona of myself to others that in reality is everything but true. Now, why did it take so many years for me to really discover these points? Or to be real, why did it take such amount of time for me to actually portray my true feelings to the ones around me? The answer is a ‘self-created’ feeling that forms a big part in almost everyone’s life. And it is ‘fear’.

I have been mentioning the words ‘till today’ in the first few lines of my previous paragraph. And the reason behind it is also as simple as it sounds. It wasn’t until this very day that I have finally been able to realise or understand this issue related to me or my personality. And this realisation might have never come without ‘someone’s’ help or contribution. Ms. Damini Benny Basu is that person, who made me feel what fear is, and how we can really overcome it. And in the next paragraph, that will be the issue regarding which I will be writing about. Ms Benny, a big name in the Theatre industry, held a seminar in our college and the things I learnt in those few hours were truly inspiring and that is what motivated and pushed me to write this piece of blog.

As famously said by Jack Canfield and I quote, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”. But does fear really need to exist within everybody? No. No one is born with the feeling of fear. It is something we develop ourselves and as was said by our Seminar’s Guest Speaker, Ms. Damini,  “it is something one creates as a form of a defence mechanism against any sort of act in order to avoid being portrayed as unaccepted”. I believe, fear is something we create ourselves, and it depends on us as to whether we destroy the feeling or keep on experiencing it needlessly. Now, sometimes we hear people say that fear is necessary. I would say, that is not correct, at least in my opinion. But I need to accept that most of us at some point in our lives do really experience fear, but as said earlier it depends only on us to abolish it or move on with the feeling on our shoulders.

So, now we know what fear is and all we can do to get rid of it or to never let it even develop within ourselves is by simply not bringing in the feeling at the first place. But the most important and effective way of dealing with fear would be by simply accepting it. Yes, trust me, there can be no other alternatives to dealing with our fears than letting it out. Nervousness, anxiousness, tension, all these things are felt by us whenever we are upto something new or even if we have been doing the things for a long period of time. It is the sudden rush of hormones in our body that excites us and in the meantime also creates a feeling within ourselves, which we call as ’fear’. So, why not simple accept and acknowledge the fact that we are indeed nervous? Why feel afraid in portraying what we really feel? If we could do something as simple as that to achieve better success in whatever we do, then why not follow that path?. Well, my friends, once again I would mention that this only depends on you. You need not have to worry about anyone around you. All you need to do is loosen up yourself or as our speaker kept on saying to us, “Let Loose!”.

I hope everyone would be able to relate to my perspective and everyone would certainly try out the aforementioned ways in trying to get rid of the feeling of fear. And as Ms.Benny Said and I quote once again, “Let Loose! and live life the way you want to!!” And remember all the steps are needed to be taken by us and there is no other way of letting go of our fears that facing them and letting them out.


Cheers! 🙂

‘Deal’ with ‘Distracción’

Have you ever felt like everything around is simply messed up and all you achieve in no matter what is you do, is failure? Have you ever felt like not being able to breathe because of an unimaginable pile of stress hanging over your head? Have you ever felt confused and irritated to the greatest extent, because of the fact that you constantly keep complaining about the obstacles in your life? Well, I’m sure you have. I would like to share my thoughts on this context and would like to let you people know what according to me is the real reason behind such distress and sorrow. So keep reading and I hope by the completion of every single line, you will be realizing what your mistakes are and how you could improve.

First of all, as I have mentioned a numerous number of times in my previous writings, do what you would love to do, doing which you would feel free and happy rather than feeling stressed-out or depressed.  Now, there are some people out there, many to be precise, who actually take wrong choices even though they are given the freedom to do what they want. And what happens is that after a certain time span, they simply lose focus. Now, ‘focus’ is a must, if you wanna be at the top and if you wanna really achieve your goals. So, simply speaking, lock yourself up in a room, dig down deep within yourself, and decide upon that you really want in life. Secondly, make that aim your primary focus in life, which would be quite simple, if what you decide to do is really what your heart wants. Once all this is done, you are ready to roll, and give it all you can, every single second, every single day, in your life, in order to fulfill your dream. So yes, that’s pretty much it for those, who do not face any more problems or distractions after following those aforementioned steps. And if you are one of those who still, after following those primary rules, face quite some problems, then I would suggest you to take some time, ten minutes to be precise, and just go through the entire article. I promise you, and I assure you, you will live a happier life and the soul within you will feel much more lively and relaxed, if you can connect to the writing and take a lesson from it. Here we go then!

As said by Audrey Hepburn and I quote, “The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters”. Now we all know, practically we need to earn, we need to work hard and we need to give it all we can on order to survive. But the work we do creates the difference between ‘surviving a life’ and living a life ‘happily’.  But even after doing so, sometimes if we do feel low, if we do feel disturbed and if we do feel like giving up, then the problem lies only, within ourselves, within our approach towards doing a job, and within our soul. And this is when, we often find ourselves using the word ‘distraction’ and sometimes the word ‘obstacle’ in terms of describing our current state of mind. Both of these mentioned words are passing phrases, and with dedication and hard work, they would no longer exist. And most importantly, we face such obstacles or distractions, when we take our mind off our goals, due to certain external forces,  which by the way, are the created or brought in by ourselves. And how can we get rid of those unwanted and highly significant things in life?. By following some simple guidelines:-

  1. Keep It Simple

You have framed certain steps that would take you towards glory, and now all that is required to to work hard. Then do it. Do not waste any more time dreaming. Do not waste any more time on planning things over and over again. “Keep it Simple”.

    2. Learn the ‘significance’ of ‘importance’

Get rid of all the insignificant things in your life which are taking away you precious minutes or seconds, which you could utilize on doing something productive, something useful.  Know what is important, and what is useless.

  1. Take ‘motivating’ breaks

Take a break, sit back, relax, and do stuff that would not distract your mind but would rather inspire you more, to cut short that period of rest ,and would make you work harder every time you spring back from that break, feeling rejuvenated.

  1. Learn about yourself

Besides only focusing on the particular goal of yours, keep learning things about yourself. Keep pushing yourself to the limit and see how you perform. Once you start seeing improvements, keep improving further.

5. Never look back

You might be a guy of 17, who has had a messed up past, who has been quite irresponsible in doing things and has been quite irregular in academic activities and stuff. Well it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t freaking matter at all. Be responsible now! Be attentive, be regular, and be the person you wanna be! Never look back and keep pointing fingers on yourself.

  1. Stop blaming others

Remember, whatever you do, I repeat, “whatever you do”, in life, is only because you decided you to do so. It may range from committing a crime to doing someone huge favours. Whatever you do, falls under your responsibility, irrespective of anyone or anything around you. It is your life, you are the one who can choose to either work for the good of the society, or destroy it. People can instigate you, but the decision is always yours to follow.

  1. Believe and make others believe in you

Develop a sense of trust and belief within yourself, because the foremost importance lies in your belief in what you do. It doesn’t matter what someone else thinks of. It doesn’t matter if someone else believes in you, or not. You cannot achieve anything unless and until you yourself believe in it, such that the others who question you, can also have faith upon you and your proceedings.

  1. Be ‘Mr. Yourself’

Some might say they only work for an hour a day and are yet able to remain at the top. Is it possible? Never. The ones who are among the best in their field, are always up to something, and are always working hard towards getting the best results possible! SO be practical, and do not try to imitate others, as everyone is different, other than the fact that the blood running through all of us is red in colour.

  1. Never back down, never quit, and never let yourself be excused, no matter what!

Never ever let yourself shift away from the path you have been following, just because maybe you think you have had enough and it might be appropriate to take some time ‘off’. Well that is the time, when you are in most need of “hard-work’ and ‘dedication’. Never let yourself be excused. Forget about the existence of a word called ‘excuse’. There is only a word called ‘perseverance’ which states that “doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.” So it doesn’t matter if you fail in trying out a new technique you are developing.  Be proud of your courage for being able to try new things, in the first instance. Or in the other hand, if you ever feel like you’ve worked hard for a lot of hours, and maybe you could use some rest, whereas in you routine, you should still be working, then keep working! Remind yourself of those ‘images’ of success which you been framing in your mind. Remind yourself of you goals. And remind yourself of all the hard-work you have been doing till date. I promise, you will no longer feel drowsy or tired.

  1. Repeat !

Okay, so after ten years, here you are, living in a big house, owning a big fancy car, and earning tons of money. That’s it? Yes, practically speaking that’s all you wanted right?. Well, then you are the biggest failure in life. Because what you gotta do next is not sit quietly and keep doing the same old job. Repeat the same amount of hard-work, dedication, perseverance and try becoming better with each day passing by. Try being at the top, and try never to be satisfied to the brim. And if you have really been working quite hard for the last couple of years, then this thought will naturally occur to you, and only then, can you be successful, in the true sense of the word.

So there you have it, a long explanation of the things I feel are the most important to keep yourself away from distractions and keep working hard towards the path of success and glory.

Hope it does inspire you. Hope it does set a fire burning among yourselves. And I hope, it does help you in many a ways, to keep yourself on track.

Keep reading, and always, keep working-hard.

Cheers! 🙂

‘Passion’ – ‘The Key to Happiness’

‘Passion’ – ‘The Key to Happiness’

The title mentioned above could have been somewhat different. All I mean to say, is that instead of the word ‘Happiness’, I could have used the word success, right?. No. I disagree. The difference between ‘success’ and ‘happiness’ is unmeasurable and there have been lots of debates over the issue. The biggest debates over this issue takes place in the house of a teenager, who is often compelled to follow the path, which would make him rich, and clearly not satisfied or happy. Right now, let me present my version of the much ‘sought-after’ debate. So, sit back, take out a few minutes from your busy schedules, and I guarantee that you will emerge a changed person after having completed reading this article, if you were not so already.

We all are pretty much familiar with the saying from the famous Amir Khan starred Bollywood movie ‘3 Idiots’, which stated that ‘One must not work for success. Rather he must work towards attaining intelligence, which would automatically result in guaranteed success. I know many of us were quite motivated after hearing those above-mentioned lines. But a few minutes after, we are like, :- “ Words like this can sound like reality only in movies..!”…. (No sir, not at all…..I can guarantee that to you! -_-) And, well,… grow up people, because we really need to!. Today in India, irrespective of one’s ability, intelligence and passion, nine out of ten students are compelled to study ‘engineering’, which by the way has become a basic degree in order to sustain life!. People are often seen taking decisions on what they really wanna do, after initially completing their engineering.  Could you have ever imagined this, like, ten or fifteen years ago?  I am not against the ones who really desire to be ‘techies’ and carry on their dreams and aspirations. But my question is to the ones, who are never even allowed to pronounce the name of the field they would love to work in! Trust me, there are thousands, or lacks of boys and girls out there, who weep and moan in the darkness, as their passions are never given any priority. Now, how can someone be successful if the he/she is not happy?!! As quoted by Dada Vaswani, “True success, true happiness lies in freedom and fulfilment.” The freedom to do what you love, and the happiness and joy you get on fulfilment of the job is real success. It’s not just about the car you own, or the Bungalow you live in. It’s not about the weight of your wallet or the brand of wine you drink. It’s all about how happy you are from within. And to be able to achieve that happiness, you need to have dreams, which you need to fulfil! We are often asked not to dream of unachievable things. I say, then why must we dream?!. Having passion for ones profession.(( I, am not reffering to one, who might see his/her passion as ‘drinking wine while looking at pinterest’, as reffered to in a somewhat famous meme out there)) is a must in order to lead a happy life, and in order to do so, just listen to yourself. And if you are really passionate about the job you wanna carry out, a great amount perseverance and determination will follow. And motivation? , that’s only a one percent of the equation. Rest of depends on you! The more you’ll work, the more you be able to get closer to that dream. And when you are following you passion, then every day is a success. Every step you take is a success. And every mistake I a real lesson learnt!

Every one of us out there, are passionate about specific things. But not all are courageous enough to follow the heart. I say, be that courageous man! Be that dreamer who can show people that there’s more to life than just being a normal (frustrated) office worker! Be the change! And trust me, life won’t be the same. You will find happiness in the true sense of the word, and you will be able to live life the way it should be! And competition?…, its in every field out there. But if you find that respective field in relation to your passion, and if it is what you live for, then you won’t just be better than the others, you will be ‘different’. And there you have it, the equation towards leading a successful life, happily!

Cheers! 🙂