Take Responsibility!

“Life is not the way you act but the way you respond to the various happenings”, I’m sure everyone of us is aware of this saying. But it is indeed both that counts. First of all, we all need to identify our “locus of control” and set it straight. Life does not happen according to the wishes of others but is determined by what “we” do ourselves. You wake up right when the alarm clock rings, then it is you who is acting. You keep snoozing the alarm clock which results in getting late for the following activities, then also it is you who is acting. So the best possible way to end stalling our tasks and blaming others is to take complete responsibility of our actions.  This indeed is one of the keys to happiness and I can ensure you a prosperous and content life if you really do so.

The Locus of Control can be defined as a position or place within our brain which determines whether the outcomes of our actions are internally motivated or externally. The brain is a complex organ, right? Well what if I say we make it complicated? If you constantly keep throwing negative and complex ideologies to it then eventually something will stick! That is exactly the case for most of us. Right from the moment we are born, the society plays a huge role in our development upto a certain point. But when time comes to take control of our lives, we either act courageously or end up being cowards who blindly keep on following the norms of the society in the fear of getting rejected. We fake our emotions, we try to build false images and do tasks that make us sad just because of the want of being recognized by others.  We program our minds to think negatively and end up being pessimists. This is when we start blaming the complex nature of the brain and commences the act of blaming others for what and who we end up being at that present moment.  And to make it worse, we continue doing this for the rest of our lives. We stop taking responsibility for the happenings and react to the events that occur with anger, frustration and disgust. We develop a sense of hate against other beings and end up living a monotonous and dreadful life with all our dreams and aspirations left unfulfilled. But hey, it’s never late to start believing in yourself and to take responsibility. It’s a fact that positivity comes with taking positive actions and not by just thinking optimistically. So, in order to take control of your life, just take control and act!

From the day you start taking responsibility for your actions, I promise that will be the day from when you will start living your life. It will be tough but will be the truth. It will be hard but will bring out the real you. It will be challenging but will always take you through.

The beginning is always the hardest and is same for this case. Here are a few things each of you can start following right from this moment to break away from the shackles of blaming others and to take control of life :-

  1. Know yourself completely: – Your likes, dislikes, hobbies, fantasies, dreams, values and motivations.
  2. Believe in yourself: – Without trusting yourself, you can never start acting responsibly in terms of the actions you do. And as I always say, have faith not hope, because hope is a beggar whereas faith is credible and trustworthy to the fullest.
  3. Respect yourself: – To start taking responsibility of your actions, you need to start respecting the person you are.
  4. Accept yourself: – When we start growing up, we eventually start spending much of our time in front of the mirror. It is necessary to maintain good heath but to start changing the way we appear for others to notice is completely unacceptable. We must accept yourselves the way we are as no one is perfect and perfection is vague.
  5. Have patience: – Patience is inevitable for any kind of success and the same applies to this case. You have to be patient and keep working on yourself in order to become the person you want to by taking responsibility of your actions.
  6. Evaluate yourself: – Everyday, spend at least 15 minutes of time with yourself. There must be no other distractions during that time period and utilize that time to reflect upon your thoughts and values and the motive behind our taking responsibility for our actions.
  7. Keep yourself motivated:- Out of 100%, only 1% is motivation while the rest is perseverance, hard-work and dedication. But at times that 1% really matters. So take some time off and engage in reading about and listening to the ones who have truly experience d the hardships of life and have overcome them.

That being said, let’s start motivating ourselves right from this moment and let’s become responsible for what we do and how we respond to the situations in life. And I promise you, the outcomes that will follow will be positive, joyous and ecstatic!

Cheers! 🙂

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