‘Face Your Fears!’ – A Lesson Learnt.


Till today, I have always tried to act or pretend to be calm and composed. Till today, I have been believing in the whole ‘fake it till you make it’ concept. Till today, I have been cheating on my own feelings. And till today, all I have been doing is trying to create of persona of myself to others that in reality is everything but true. Now, why did it take so many years for me to really discover these points? Or to be real, why did it take such amount of time for me to actually portray my true feelings to the ones around me? The answer is a ‘self-created’ feeling that forms a big part in almost everyone’s life. And it is ‘fear’.

I have been mentioning the words ‘till today’ in the first few lines of my previous paragraph. And the reason behind it is also as simple as it sounds. It wasn’t until this very day that I have finally been able to realise or understand this issue related to me or my personality. And this realisation might have never come without ‘someone’s’ help or contribution. Ms. Damini Benny Basu is that person, who made me feel what fear is, and how we can really overcome it. And in the next paragraph, that will be the issue regarding which I will be writing about. Ms Benny, a big name in the Theatre industry, held a seminar in our college and the things I learnt in those few hours were truly inspiring and that is what motivated and pushed me to write this piece of blog.

As famously said by Jack Canfield and I quote, “Everything you want is on the other side of fear”. But does fear really need to exist within everybody? No. No one is born with the feeling of fear. It is something we develop ourselves and as was said by our Seminar’s Guest Speaker, Ms. Damini,  “it is something one creates as a form of a defence mechanism against any sort of act in order to avoid being portrayed as unaccepted”. I believe, fear is something we create ourselves, and it depends on us as to whether we destroy the feeling or keep on experiencing it needlessly. Now, sometimes we hear people say that fear is necessary. I would say, that is not correct, at least in my opinion. But I need to accept that most of us at some point in our lives do really experience fear, but as said earlier it depends only on us to abolish it or move on with the feeling on our shoulders.

So, now we know what fear is and all we can do to get rid of it or to never let it even develop within ourselves is by simply not bringing in the feeling at the first place. But the most important and effective way of dealing with fear would be by simply accepting it. Yes, trust me, there can be no other alternatives to dealing with our fears than letting it out. Nervousness, anxiousness, tension, all these things are felt by us whenever we are upto something new or even if we have been doing the things for a long period of time. It is the sudden rush of hormones in our body that excites us and in the meantime also creates a feeling within ourselves, which we call as ’fear’. So, why not simple accept and acknowledge the fact that we are indeed nervous? Why feel afraid in portraying what we really feel? If we could do something as simple as that to achieve better success in whatever we do, then why not follow that path?. Well, my friends, once again I would mention that this only depends on you. You need not have to worry about anyone around you. All you need to do is loosen up yourself or as our speaker kept on saying to us, “Let Loose!”.

I hope everyone would be able to relate to my perspective and everyone would certainly try out the aforementioned ways in trying to get rid of the feeling of fear. And as Ms.Benny Said and I quote once again, “Let Loose! and live life the way you want to!!” And remember all the steps are needed to be taken by us and there is no other way of letting go of our fears that facing them and letting them out.


Cheers! 🙂

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