Everyone in their lives, are always going through a time-table of exams and tests as everyone needs to prove their worth in whatever they do. You love something, and the next day you start working hard on it. You try to achieve things. And while trying to reach the ultimate goal or desire, we need to climb through certain steps. Let’s take the example of a set of exams for for school or college student. Or a few projects lined up for a professional engineer to prove his worth. Or a few research developments for a scientist. I want you to consider any such example as you may have in your mind which includes a chunk of steps to climb, in order to attain a goal that one preserves for. Let’s say that the scientist fails to bring the required outcome of a certain experiment. Let’s say the engineer couldn’t design a project in a beautiful way. Let’s say that college student couldn’t give an exam with the greatest of competency. And in all the cases, there is still hope. There are still things to be worked after in order to achieve that goal. And that desire, that dream goal can still be achieved. All he needs to do is gain control over his mind and not keep thinking about that single exam, or that single unsuccessful experiment or that “not so appreciable’ project. Instead, why not look forward and work hard for the upcoming tasks. Why not ‘give it your all’ in them! Why waste time regretting about that single failed task that you really worked hard for. Well, it didn’t work out or it did work out but not as you wanted it and maybe you really faltered a lot. Maybe you ignored a few valuable things which were needed to look after. Maybe you took things a bit casually. Maybe you didn’t keep it simple and complicated things to the greatest extent. Well whatever the reason it is, get on with it, throw that thought out of your head into the dustbin and move forward and try to do the things which you do next in a way that would guarantee success. Now let me depict the basic idea I am trying to portray with a simple example.


Let’s say you are trying to climb up a ladder in order to reach some place that’s very high. Let’s assume you are on the 50th step of the ladder and you need to climb 50 more. And on stepping your foot on the 51st step, you slip because of a few drops of water that were spilled on the left of that very step of the ladder. So you were unconscious, unmindful, and maybe overconfident of your ability to climb the ladder and you went too fast without even looking at the next step. Or on the contrary let’s say you were damn scared and fear overpowered you in such an extent that you couldn’t even notice a few drops of water, spilled right in front of your eyes. Or maybe you felt that you wouldn’t slip because of your shoes that maybe, were specially designed to protect you from such unwanted consequences. But whatever the fact or logic may lie behind your ‘slipping’, the fact of the matter is you did! (Now, let’s proceed with our assumed Example)

So, you placed your feet on the water spilled on the ladder and you slipped. Both of your legs are hanging on the air but you are still holding onto the ladder with the help of your hands. And if you are able to exert enough push, you can easily place your feet firmly on the steps of ladder once again. But this time, you need to rectify the mistakes you made and not, for once again place your feet on that water particle(s). Otherwise you will fall, again. But instead if you lose all hope and are ‘scared to hell’ because of a simple slip of legs and are afraid of the fact that you may even die if you fall down , then you may keep on hanging like that for a while and ultimately fa(i)ll. You are then afraid of the fact that you would not be able to exert the push required to pull yourself back. You are worried, unconfident and broken. And you know how you could deal with these? Just believe. Yes, it’s as simple as it sounds. All you’ve gotta do is believe in yourself and not let a single negative thought let your mind affect your path towards success. And then if you just exert the right amount of push and with your confidence can overcome the fear within yourself, then you can easily start over from where you slipped. And this time, it’s going to be a lot more fun and the journey would be ‘one to remember’, as you did not give up and instead you decided to learn from your mistakes and took up the challenge for a second time. And no matter how many times you need to take the same challenge again, remember that there is no limit to doing a task in order to achieve success.


Now let’s equate this example with a few real-life/practical one’s stated earlier. Let’s say a scientist fails in a single experiment, but has nine more to prove. Then he can easily prove all of them right with the hard work, perseverance and confidence required. The same can be applied in that case of an engineer who fails a single project but has many others still to come. And also a student who is not able to score good marks in a single exam which might be in the middle of a long term of exams, can do well in the next ones and not do the same mistakes yet again by keeping in mind the littlest of things required to be perfect.


Hence, as you can see, nothing is impossible nor hard to achieve. It’s all about the mind-set of yours and once you believe in what you can do, you will be able to do it without a doubt. But what needs to be remembered here is that, whatever happens, it’s you who is responsible for it. Not ‘him’, not ‘her’ not ‘they’. It’s you, and only you!


So go on, stop regretting about things you could not complete as you have wanted to and instead take lessons from them and move forward with even greater confidence, competence and perseverance!

Cheers! 🙂

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